food poisoning.

lucy started preschool today:

(the “twirling” version)

my first day with only one child and i had food poisoning.  so many plans…foiled.

at least i got to spend the day on the couch with this face:

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first day of pre-k.

me: you get to take your lunch box to school.

oliver: with food in it?

(after school)

me: what did you do today?

oliver: play and eat lunch.

me: what did you play with?

oliver: binoculars.  and i’m going to plant my own flower in the garden.

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oh, crap.

y’all.  i just washed a diaper.  little bits of exploded diaper are all in my kids’ clothes and all in my washing machine.  i am at a loss.

i should have listened to all my hippie friends and invested in cloth.

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the many sides of lucy joy.

in fifteen minutes.

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just spent thirty minutes getting ready to go on a ten minute walk.

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little a - three months.

oh my.  i feel like i’ve been rounding up your age to three months for a long time now, mostly because people assume you are at least that or older…and now you actually are.  three whole months since you come into our family.  it’s that crazy place where i feel like you just got here and yet i can’t remember life without you.


last time you went to the doctor (about two weeks ago) you were fifteen pounds and twenty-five inches (96th and 94th percentile).  strong and healthy boy.  this month i got to show you off (and your siblings) to some extended family, whom i haven’t seen since my wedding, nine years ago.  it was fun to watch them go a bit goopy over you.



your siblings.  you love just looking at your sister but you love playing with your brother.  oliver is so insanely attentive and gentle, and i think you feel very safe with him.  oh, and the hair pulling stage has begun.


a pacifier.  i’ve never had a paci-kid, so this is kind of a first.  it’s just in your crib, just for sleeping…hoping it stays that way.  i’m not anti-pacifiers, i’m anti-getting-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-to-find-the-pacifier.

being outside.

being in the ergo baby, side carry.  you like taking it all in.

the photo session was quickly disturbed. this is how my life with you actually is:





i love you so much, alexander.  thank you for reminding me what life is all about:

love, joy, and relationships.  

happy three months.

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my husband decided during this last pregnancy that he was going to train for two races and get really fit and lean. i resent this just a little bit.  but i don’t resent his hotness.

we made a rain stick, inspired by mr. rogers (i had no idea he was still on tv! you have no idea how extremely happy this discovery has made me!) it’s an empty wrapping paper roll filled with popcorn kernels, and wax paper and rubber bands sealing the ends.  the kernels have spilled all over the kitchen floor three times.  i have yet to clean up this third time. don’t go in my kitchen barefoot.

i went grocery shopping at eight-thirty last night because i refuse to go with three children.  i tried.  it didn’t work.  the downside of this peaceful quiet experience is i buy lots of things that i shouldn’t. 

one of the first things i am going to do when the kids start school next week is get rid of about half their toys.

sophie, the giraffe, is missing.  i got a new one for alexander since our original had been mauled by the first two children, and he’s right at the age where i think he would love gnawing on her.  lucy unfortunately discovered her, and now she is gone.  

i just ordered a bunch of nine month clothes for my three month old baby. chubby babies.  more to squeeze.

i wake up in the middle of the night worrying that oliver is not going to make any friends because no one will be able to understand him due to his articulation difficulties.  i really hope he has a patient and understanding teacher this year.

our ten-year college homecoming is happening in october.  i would love to lose the baby weight before then.  but ben and jerry’s was on sale two-for-one last night.

my best friend had a miscarriage around the same time i was having alexander.  it was her third.  my heart breaks for her in so many ways.  i feel horrible talking about my new baby and all of his cuteness with her when she has been through so much pain.  i don’t know what to say.

my baby has more naps on the floor (on the play mat)  than anywhere else. poor third child.

i better go clean up those dang popcorn kernels.

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